About Us

Sojourn Church is a local expression of the body of Christ. We are a family of people that loves Jesus and the mission God has called us to here in Fargo-Moorhead. We call ourselves a “Gospel-Centered Family on Mission.” This means we value the good news of Jesus as our Savior found in the Bible. Because of our faith, we are now brothers and sisters in Christ’s family that are committed to one another in faith, love, and hope. Then we take the Gospel as a Family to our city and the world by being on Mission together! 

In 2010, Sojourn began as a small church in Fargo. We multiplied our small congregation into Moorhead and then Dilworth in the years following this exciting time in Fargo. In 2015, God brought all three of our Sojourn churches together and we merged into one church family on mission together. Since then, we are better equipped and more effective as a Gospel-Centered Family on Mission.

To learn more about Sojourn, read about our beliefs and learn the story of our leaders that are devoted to leading and shepherding the Sojourn Church family.  


"We are a Gospel-Centered Family on Mission."